SCB Furusato Ouen Dan


To celebrate our 70th anniversary, the SCB established the Regional Innovation Promotion Scheme “SCB Furusato Ouen Dan,” utilizing the corporate version of the Furusato Nozei donation program. The scheme supports regional innovation initiatives through a collaboration between shinkin banks and local governments in efforts to realize a sustainable society.

Notable features of this scheme are (1) shinkin banks’ support of local government projects, (2) setting goals that are closely related to the 17 SDGs in regard to projects eligible for donations, and (3) selection of projects eligible for donations by a screening board comprising experienced academics. Through this scheme, we aim to realize regional innovation projects that will help contribute to achievement of the SDGs.

Case study: Kids Reader Passbook — Kids’ Learning Ability Improvement Project
(Shiga Chuou Shinkin Bank)

This project aims to nurture children’s solid academic skills and richness of spirit by fostering self-learning, thinking, and decision-making abilities. To that end, Kids Reader Passbook machines have been installed in libraries in the city of Hikone to encourage elementary students to visit and read more.

Specifically, the project includes (1) the introduction of the Kids Reader Passbook machine in libraries, (2) local businesses holding seminars for elementary students using the Job Notebook (an educational reader that explains local industries and vocations), (3) tours of companies listed in the Job Notebook as a special perk for using the Kids Reader Passbook, (4) promotion of the project via crowdfunding, and (5) encouraging local residents who are interested in the project to show their support by volunteering their time and donating to local companies.

Planned uses for donations include the purchase of equipment such as Kids Reader Passbook machines and seminar fees, etc.

As part of its support activities for donating, selling, and promoting the Kids Reader Passbook, Shiga Chuou Shinkin Bank is holding bank tours, donating the Kids Reader Passbook to new first year elementary students (starting in 2024 and onward), selling the Kids Reader Passbook to the general public at branches in Hikone, and providing support for collaborations with external organizations to encourage donations to local businesses, hold events, etc.

Project scheme diagram

Kids Reader Passbook design

Kids Reader Passbook machine

(Note) Excerpt from documents prepared by the city of Hikone

This project was introduced on a Japanese TV program – BS Asahi “UNITED INSPIRATIONS for SDGs”