Declaration of Shinkin Central Bank Group on SDGs

Declaration of Shinkin Central Bank Group on SDGs

Shinkin Central Bank Group is a group in which the SCB plays its role as the central financial institution for shinkin banks. As such, the Group will strive to implement initiatives together with shinkin banks throughout Japan toward realization of a sustainable society based upon the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in accordance with the principle of a cooperative institution focusing on three important themes, namely the “region,” the “people” and the “environment.”

1.Sustainable prosperity of regional communities

A declining and aging population, decreasing birth rate, declining number of SMEs, and the drop in regional sustainability associated with such issues pose major challenges for Japan. Shinkin banks offer various financial services and problem solving options to meet the needs of SMEs and regional community residents, contributing to the growth of SMEs and regional revitalization. This role is growing ever more important in enhancing the sustainability of the community.

The SCB Group will contribute to sustainable prosperity of regional societies by strengthening sustainability of shinkin banks which support the regions and SMEs which constitute the business infrastructure for the regions, as well as by promoting support for regional revitalization.

2.Well-being to all the people

Japan is expected to become a fully long-lived society, making financially inclusive initiatives at shinkin banks, such as individual asset buildup support in view of a 100-year lifespan and enhanced financial and digital literacy for seniors, all the more important.

In addition, shinkin banks play an important role in the development of regional society, so it is essential for us to support children in the region.

Together with shinkin banks, the SCB Group will strive to implement initiatives to bring well-being to senior generations, children and all the people in the regions, and to contribute to realizing a diversified and inclusive society with the concept of “leave no one behind.” Specifically, this entails support not just in financial fields, but in a wide range of areas for children, as they are responsible for future society.

3.Conservation of the global environment

Confronting environmental issues such as climate change and threats to biodiversity is the most vital goal shared by all humanity, and as a member of society, we believe that the SCB Group must be actively engaged in solving such issues through our business.

The SCB Group will strive to reduce environmental burden associated with business activities. Furthermore, as a banking group making investments and loans on a global scale, we will contribute to conservation of the global environment by promoting investments and loans that are mindful of the environmental problems.

(Note) Group companies to which this declaration applies: Shinkin Central Bank, Shinkin Securities Co., Ltd., Shinkin International Ltd., Shinkin Regional Innovation Co., Ltd., Shinkin Singapore Pte. Ltd., Shinkin Guarantee Co., Ltd., Shinkin Asset Management Co., Ltd., Shinkin Capital Co., Ltd., The Shinkin Banks Information System Center Co., Ltd., Shinkin Chukin Business Co., Ltd.